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The what, who, and why of National Professional Qualifications (NPQs)

It’s really important as an educational practitioner to be searching for ways to expand your knowledge and expertise. We want our pupils to be the very best they can be and never stop learning - and the same applies to us!

The National Professional Qualifications (NPQs) are a national, voluntary suite of recognised professional qualifications - but what are they, who can take part in them and why are they so valuable?


NPQs are part of a wider set of DFE reforms to teacher development. They offer opportunities to undertake continuous professional development (CPD) and earn a nationally recognised qualification at the end of the programme. 

As part of the ‘golden thread’ of teacher development, NPQs offer high-quality, evidence-informed teacher development opportunities which span the entirety of a teacher’s career. 


NPQs are designed for teachers, leaders and aspiring leaders. The HISP Teaching School Hub works with two NPQ lead training providers: Education Development Trust (EDT) and Best Practice Network (home of Outstanding Leaders Partnership) (BPN).

If you’re interested in undertaking an NPQ, you can explore the different options available to you here


There’s a wide range of NPQ courses available to you, covering topics such as literacy, headship, behaviour and culture, and more. They’re a way of earning a qualification, giving you the confidence you need to take on new responsibilities and challenges and take the next steps in your career. 

Find out more about how the HISP Teaching School Hub can support you to undertake an NPQ here.