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Preparing for a teaching interview

If you’re applying for an Initial Teacher Training (ITT) programme, interviews are the first hurdle to overcome. 

In our latest blog post, Deputy Director of the HISP Teaching School Hub David Higginbottom gives his top three tips for preparing for an ITT programme interview. 

Do your research into the training provider

Never go into an interview without doing your research into the training provider you’ve applied to. Make sure you’ve explored how training is delivered and what’s unique about the programme. 

David said: “Be prepared to answer the question “Why have you chosen to train to teach in your specialist subject with us?”. Make sure you can give an overview of the training year and the provider’s programme, as well as what appeals to you about the provider.”

Show off your experience and knowledge

Have some relevant school experience you can talk about - what did you do and how did it help you? It’s also important to have a wider awareness of teaching theory you can discuss. 

David said: “Ensure you have some up-to-date and relevant school experience. You will need to demonstrate an understanding of what the role of the teacher is - what are some of the challenges faced by teachers?”

Be prepared to demonstrate your teaching skills

Most providers are likely to ask you to prepare and deliver some form of presentation or micro-teach activity. Have a presentation prepared beforehand and be ready to show off what you can do. 

David said: “This is a chance for you to sell yourself and show that you are committed. You need to demonstrate you've got the skills, energy and ability to engage pupils in learning.”

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