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How can you get into teaching?

Teaching is a hugely rewarding career choice. We’ve explored the avenues you can take towards a career in teaching. If you’re interested in working in education, it can be difficult to know where to start. 

Inspiring Future Teachers (IFT) is a new postgraduate programme for aspiring teachers. It offers all the benefits of being part of a large national programme, offering locally-delivered school based training in either a primary or secondary school. In this blog post, we’ll explore what IFT is and how you can apply. 

What is Inspiring Future Teachers (IFT)?

Inspiring Future Teachers is a national provider of school-centred initial teacher training. It offers a one-year postgraduate route to achieving Qualified Teacher Status (QTS), which is an essential accreditation you’ll need to work as a teacher in the UK. 

IFT is a great option for building your experience as a teacher from day one. By combining practical experience with evidence-based training, IFT gives aspiring teachers the strongest start possible. 

Why choose IFT?

There are lots of key benefits for those who chose IFT as their post-graduate route, including:

  • Covers a wide range of regions - take a look at our list of hubs to see what’s available near you.

  • The opportunity to network with other aspiring teachers - you and your fellow trainees will come together as a cohort on a weekly basis.

  • Intensive and varied training - you’ll learn through a variety of placements, discussions, research projects and live practice. 

Who is it for?

IFT is a postgraduate route, meaning you’ll need to have a degree to enrol on the programme. If you’re still studying when you make your application, you’ll need to provide a grade prediction from your course tutor. Find out more about specific entry requirements here.

You can start the IFT programme no matter which background you come from. Whether you’re undergoing a career change or have just left university, the IFT programme is suitable for anyone with a passion for education.

How do I apply?

Visit the Inspiring Future Teachers’ website here for more information about the regions it covers, FAQs and how to apply. 

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