Vision & Values

HISP Multi Academy Trust believes in building excellent educational environments that inspire and unlock potential in all our school communities.

We believe:

  • The child is at the centre of everything we do. Every decision is based on, ‘Will this benefit our children?’
  • That all members of our Trust – children, staff, families and local communities – should aim high and dream big. We have high aspirations for all.
  • Our schools should be at the heart of their communities, be at the forefront of leading social change and provide support for all our members.
  • That the Trust has an obligation to drive continuous improvement… in outcomes, in safeguarding our communities, in building a love for learning, in innovation, in the wellbeing of all our members, in challenging performance and developing cultural capital.
  • Evidence based research is at the heart of sustainable school improvement. Collaborative partnerships across the trust will provide support and challenge.  We will learn from each other and provide a first class education to all our members.

Our expectation is that all schools in the HISP Multi Academy Trust will:

  • Demonstrate a relentlessness to continually improve, to never stand still, with the ultimate aim of providing the best opportunities and experiences for all our children.
  • Aim to ensure that every child fulfils their potential regardless of potential barriers to learning.
  • Commit to becoming an outstanding, self-improving school and to support the professional development of all schools within the partnership.
  • Commit to the values, principles, policies and procedures of the Trust.
  • Strive to be in the top 5% for progress of schools in the country within 5 years of joining the Trust.

All our schools will work together to:

  • Ensure that schools feel connected to the Trust whilst maintaining their unique qualities, character and relationship with their community.
  • Ensure high quality teaching and learning.
  • Engage with our communities to raise aspirations for all.
  • Develop the whole child and create inquisitive learners.
  • Enable all children to be confident, building on strengths and improving areas of need.
  • Support the development of all staff to be the best they can be and realise their career potential.